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 Dev Q&As!

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PostSubject: Dev Q&As!   Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:32 pm

Seth Luisi and the Dev Q&As are back. Abigale sent off a lot of questions to Seth and the rest of the team, so look for more Q&As as time goes on. This time around, Seth speaks on the Scout preset, ranked rooms, and following friends. Your questions are in bold, Seth's answers are in normal type.

When will we be able to make our own ranked rooms?

As we've discussed on the SOCOM.com blog in the past, custom ranked rooms were never a part of the SOCOM: Confrontation design. It would allow people to exploit the ranking system in a way which would be impossible for us to prevent. We have no plans for allowing custom ranked rooms for this reason. However, we are looking at what types of preset (Medley) ranked rooms people prefer to play and we will continue to tailor the preset rooms to what is popular with the community.
Of course, you can continue to create custom games tailored to exactly how you would like to play but we cannot allow them to be ranked games.

I remember there was no Left preset in the public beta, and its now here in the retail release. Is there any chance the scout preset can come back to the series?

We did add the Lefty preset to the final release of SOCOM: Confrontation and the 1.30 patch will fix the analog stick mapping for that preset. We are looking into the Scout preset, though it is more complicated to implement than the Lefty. Again, no promises, but we are looking to see if it can be added in a future patch.

Can you sort the channels alphabetically so that they are easier to navigate?

We are looking into addressing this in a future patch.

Why can't we join a game in progress from our friend's list or clan list?

While this was a feature of previous SOCOM games, this was never announced to be a feature for SOCOM: Confrontation. We do realize that it is a highly desired feature and we are looking to see what can be done to add it. No promises, but it is something we want to add.

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PostSubject: Re: Dev Q&As!   Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:08 pm

Blah, blah, blah! This guy should run for president. lol!
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Dev Q&As!
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