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 Blueprints of Maps

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Blueprints of Maps Empty
PostSubject: Blueprints of Maps   Blueprints of Maps Icon_minitimeTue Nov 18, 2008 2:18 pm

I Found some good pictures of the socom maps in a birds eye view.

This will work very well when it comes to planning wars and what we need to do.

Therefore we will use something like this if not this to prepare strategy when the time comes.

PLEASE SAVE these files to your comp so that in case something happens we wont depend on one person if they lose there or are unavailable.

And if anyone knows where all the control points are or the extraction zones to all maps. You can edit them in paint and send them to me and ill do them in photoshop so that it looks good.

Any other suggestions to what we need to do these?????

By the way RAMBO if you can move this post to somewhere where only members of the clan can see, that would be great!!!

Blueprints of Maps Kasbah

Blueprints of Maps Quarantine

Blueprints of Maps UrbanWasteland

Blueprints of Maps Crossroads

Blueprints of Maps DesertGlory

Blueprints of Maps Fallen

Blueprints of Maps Frostfire
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Blueprints of Maps
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