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PostSubject: smoke 1   smoke 1 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 9:29 pm

i know its been like for ever but i have been going thur some bad things in my life like a b1tch that cant keep her hamds 2 her self i left miami and my house 2 be wit her and she treats me like shit now i have 2 save up enough money 2 move out be4 she finds out and kick me out ....any wayssss smoke 1 157855 u b!tchs lucky i am not up and runin yet especially queen ...... smoke 1 348197 iam praying i still have a spot on gse when i get back . talk 2 me how is every 1 doing any new comers how many wars has gse been in did yall win any(duh)how is the new socom is it still hot (online)...much gse gun smoke love
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